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# What kind of company is LMK?

LMK is a sole agent of Wega Espresso Coffee Machine & Grinder, Gaggia Fully Automatic Coffee Machine, Italian Coffee Molinari and Kenal Indonesian Roastery.


# Do you have coffee shop in Jakarta?

No we do not have


# Where is the location of your showroom or office?

You can visit our showroom by waze and google map: Jl. Biak No.4A, Jakarta 10150


# Do you offer loan system for café?

Yes we do offer loan system but only for hotels where the consumption is promising, whereas for café you can purchase or rent the coffe machine


# What types of coffee do you sell?

We sell Molinari Coffee imported from Italy and Kenal Indonesian Roastery our house blend coffee.


# Can you send me the sample of the coffee?

We would be delighted to invite you to our show room for coffee tasting as our barista knows very well about the parameter/profile of our coffee.


# Which type of coffee is the best?  Molinari or  Kenal Coffee?

We sell many types of coffee, each coffee has its own characteristic so it is individual preference, please come to our show room to taste it on your own.


# What is the brand of the coffee machine you sell and how much is the price?

We sell, Wega Espresso Machine . The price varies one to another, depending on how many group heads and type of Wega, please come and take a look at our show room


# How long is the warranty period of the coffee machine?  What about the spare-parts availability?

As we are the sole agent of Wega, we provide service, maintenance, training and spare-parts as well.


# Do you have branch office in other town?

Yes, we do have in Bali, Bandung and Yogyakarta.


# We are from one of the islands in Indonesia, could you possibly come to our town to train and install the machine?

Yes, we could as long as you provide round trip air tickets and accommodation for our barista.  We sold our machines to Papua, Sulawesi, Sumatera, Lombok etc.


# Please give me information about your barista course?

School of Coffee has 3 modules held every 2 months, please follow our instagram to get the full details.


# Besides coffee machines, what other products do you sell?

Please visit our website : to have better understand about our company and products we sell.







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