The School of Coffee is a 2-day barista course dedicated to sharing the knowledge of coffee to coffee lovers

“Simply drink your coffee as you like,, whether you enjoy it black, with or without sugar, with or without milk as far as it makes you happy, nothing is wrong”. Determine yourself who are you? Are you a coffee lover, a coffee drinker or a Coffee Businessman, they are different”

–Linda Ngadiman

Q Grader, Roaster, Barista and Coffee Lover

20 Years Experience in Coffee World and

Coffee Business


Day 1: Understanding Coffee, Cupping, Manual Brew, Espresso, Milk Texture

Here you will learn about Coffee History, Arabica and Robusta and other type of Coffee, Green Grader, Coffee Defects, as well as, understanding both favorable and unfavorable coffee senses. Discussing further on the different types of coffee, the different processes to create such quality coffee, and the handling methods & techniques. Coffee Cupping will take place in this session. This is to let participants understand the originality of coffee and sense the importance of blending. To adapt to current generation, SOC shares on how to brew coffee with various type of manual brewing tools and understand the change in taste of the different pallet in the mouth.

Day 2: 

Technical Grinder, basic and Special Coffee Menu

There will be the introduction of the various coffee menus. Learning more in depth about how to make the perfect cup of espresso, when to achieve the correct milk texture & temperature, and what action needs to be taken to create the most beautiful latte art. People have different standards for coffee. Therefore, the study of adaptation will be provided to let participants know how to create the best cup of coffee for different needs. We will be looking at the machinery and tools needed to create the best quality coffee. Maintenance is key to keep great quality coffee in check, therefore understanding how to store, grind, and maintain good coffee beans with the correct technique is vital. Here you will learn more on the day-to-day actions that need to be undertaken as a professional barista. There will be the introduction and hand on practices to make signature coffee. There will be a division of teams and practical activities to let participants experience the real-life barista work.

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ONLY TO FIRST 6 PEOPLE due to COVID-19 Procedures



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